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Approximation by nonlinear integral operators in some modular function spaces

Carlo Bardaro, Julian Musielak, Gianluca Vinti (1996)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

Let G be a locally compact Hausdorff group with Haar measure, and let L⁰(G) be the space of extended real-valued measurable functions on G, finite a.e. Let ϱ and η be modulars on L⁰(G). The error of approximation ϱ(a(Tf - f)) of a function f ( L ( G ) ) ϱ + η D o m T is estimated, where ( T f ) ( s ) = G K ( t - s , f ( t ) ) d t and K satisfies a generalized Lipschitz condition with respect to the second variable.

Approximation problems in modular spaces of double sequences.

Aleksander Waszak (1990)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

Let X denote the space of all real, bounded double sequences, and let Φ, φ, Γ be φ-functions. Moreover, let Ψ be an increasing, continuous function for u ≥ 0 such that Ψ(0) = 0.In this paper we consider some spaces of double sequences provided with two-modular structure given by generalized variations and the translation operator (...).

Approximation results for nonlinear integral operators in modular spaces and applications

Ilaria Mantellini, Gianluca Vinti (2003)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We obtain modular convergence theorems in modular spaces for nets of operators of the form ( T w f ) ( s ) = H K w ( s - h w ( t ) , f ( h w ( t ) ) ) d μ H ( t ) , w > 0, s ∈ G, where G and H are topological groups and h w w > 0 is a family of homeomorphisms h w : H h w ( H ) G . Such operators contain, in particular, a nonlinear version of the generalized sampling operators, which have many applications in the theory of signal processing.

Coincidence of topologies on tensor products of Köthe echelon spaces

J. Bonet, A. Defant, A. Peris, M. Ramanujan (1994)

Studia Mathematica

We investigate conditions under which the projective and the injective topologies coincide on the tensor product of two Köthe echelon or coechelon spaces. A major tool in the proof is the characterization of the επ-continuity of the tensor product of two diagonal operators from l p to l q . Several sharp forms of this result are also included.

Fixed point theorems for nonexpansive mappings in modular spaces

Poom Kumam (2004)

Archivum Mathematicum

In this paper, we extend several concepts from geometry of Banach spaces to modular spaces. With a careful generalization, we can cover all corresponding results in the former setting. Main result we prove says that if ρ is a convex, ρ -complete modular space satisfying the Fatou property and ρ r -uniformly convex for all r > 0 , C a convex, ρ -closed, ρ -bounded subset of X ρ , T : C C a ρ -nonexpansive mapping, then T has a fixed point.

Measures of non-compactness in Orlicz modular spaces.

A. G. Aksoy, J.-B. Baillon (1993)

Collectanea Mathematica

In this paper we show that the ball-measure of non-compactness of a norm bounded subset of an Orlicz modular space L-Psi is equal to the limit of its n-widths. We also obtain several inequalities between the measures of non-compactness and the limit of the n-widths for modular bounded subsets of L-Psi which do not have Delta-2-condition. Minimum conditions on Psi to have such results are specified and an example of such a function Psi is provided.

Nonlinear operators of integral type in some function spaces.

Carlo Bardaro, Gianluca Vinti, J. Musielak (1997)

Collectanea Mathematica

We give results about embeddings, approximation and convergence theorems for a class of general nonlinear operators of integral type in abstract modular function spaces. Thus we extend some previous result on the matter.

Non-self mappings in modular spaces and common fixed point theorems

Abdolrahman Razani, Valdimir Rakočević, Zahraa Goodarzi (2010)

Open Mathematics

The aim of this paper, is to introduce the convex structure (specially, Takahashi convex structure) on modular spaces. Moreover, we are interested in proving some common fixed point theorems for non-self mappings in modular space.

On some properties for dual spaces of Musielak-Orlicz function spaces

Zenon Zbąszyniak (2011)

Banach Center Publications

We will present relationships between the modular ρ* and the norm in the dual spaces ( L Φ ) * in the case when a Musielak-Orlicz space L Φ is equipped with the Orlicz norm. Moreover, criteria for extreme points of the unit sphere of the dual space ( L Φ ) * will be presented.

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