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Compactness for embedded pseudoholomorphic curves in 3-manifolds

Chris Wendl (2010)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We prove a compactness theorem for holomorphic curves in 4-dimensional symplectizations that have embedded projections to the underlying 3-manifold. It strengthens the cylindrical case of the SFT compactness theorem [BEH+C03] by using intersection theory to show that degenerations of such sequences never give rise to multiple covers or nodes, so transversality is easily achieved. This has application to the theory of stable finite energy foliations introduced in [HWZ03], and also suggests a new...

Variational principles and symmetries on fibered multisymplectic manifolds

Jordi Gaset, Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez, Narciso Román-Roy (2016)

Communications in Mathematics

The standard techniques of variational calculus are geometrically stated in the ambient of fiber bundles endowed with a (pre)multisymplectic structure. Then, for the corresponding variational equations, conserved quantities (or, what is equivalent, conservation laws), symmetries, Cartan (Noether) symmetries, gauge symmetries and different versions of Noether's theorem are studied in this ambient. In this way, this constitutes a general geometric framework for all these topics that includes, as special...

Weak symplectic fillings and holomorphic curves

Klaus Niederkrüger, Chris Wendl (2011)

Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure

We prove several results on weak symplectic fillings of contact 3 -manifolds, including: (1) Every weak filling of any planar contact manifold can be deformed to a blow up of a Stein filling. (2) Contact manifolds that have fully separating planar torsion are not weakly fillable—this gives many new examples of contact manifolds without Giroux torsion that have no weak fillings. (3) Weak fillability is preserved under splicing of contact manifolds along symplectic pre-Lagrangian tori—this gives many...

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