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A set of moves for Johansson representation of 3-manifolds

Rubén Vigara (2006)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

A Dehn sphere Σ in a closed 3-manifold M is a 2-sphere immersed in M with only double curve and triple point singularities. The Dehn sphere Σ fills M if it defines a cell decomposition of M. The inverse image in S² of the double curves of Σ is the Johansson diagram of Σ and if Σ fills M it is possible to reconstruct M from the diagram. A Johansson representation of M is the Johansson diagram of a filling Dehn sphere of M. Montesinos proved that every closed 3-manifold has a Johansson representation...

Characterization of knot complements in the n-sphere

Vo-Thanh Liem, Gerard Venema (1995)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Knot complements in the n-sphere are characterized. A connected open subset W of S n is homeomorphic with the complement of a locally flat (n-2)-sphere in S n , n ≥ 4, if and only if the first homology group of W is infinite cyclic, W has one end, and the homotopy groups of the end of W are isomorphic to those of S 1 in dimensions less than n/2. This result generalizes earlier theorems of Daverman, Liem, and Liem and Venema.

Combinatoire des simplexes sans singularités I. Le cas différentiable

Jean Cerf (1998)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

On définit le bicomplexe C , , extension naturelle du complexe C engendré par un ensemble simplicial Γ . Ceci permet de définir la notion de ruban de base un cycle de C . La somme directe de l’homologie des colonnes de C , contient, outre l’homologie de C , des groupes dans lesquels se trouvent les obstructions à l’existence de rubans. Si Γ est un sous-ensemble simplicial, stable par subdivision, de l’ensemble des simplexes singuliers d’un espace topologique, l’existence de rubans entraîne l’invariance...

Deloopings of the spaces of long embeddings

Keiichi Sakai (2014)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

The homotopy fiber of the inclusion from the long embedding space to the long immersion space is known to be an iterated based loop space (if the codimension is greater than two). In this paper we deloop the homotopy fiber to obtain the topological Stiefel manifold, combining results of Lashof and of Lees. We also give a delooping of the long embedding space, which can be regarded as a version of Morlet-Burghelea-Lashof's delooping of the diffeomorphism group of the disk relative to the boundary....

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