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Hysteresis memory preserving operators

Pavel Krejčí (1991)

Applications of Mathematics

The recent development of mathematical methods of investigation of problems with hysteresis has shown that the structure of the hysteresis memory plays a substantial role. In this paper we characterize the hysteresis operators which exhibit a memory effect of the Preisach type (memory preserving operators). We investigate their properties (continuity, invertibility) and we establish some relations between special classes of such operators (Preisach, Ishlinskii and Nemytskii operators). For a general...

Quantum Mechanics of Guiding Center Motion in Strong Magnetic Field (Coherent State Path Integral Approach)

Kuratsuji, Hiroshi, Tochishita, Teruyuki, Mizui, Masayuki (1997)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

A new approach is proposed for the quantum mechanics of guiding center motion in strong magnetic field. This is achieved by use of the coherent state path integral for the coupled systems of the cyclotron and the guiding center motion. We are specifically concerned with the effective action for the guiding center degree, which can be used to get the Bohr- Sommerfeld quantization scheme. The quantization rule is similar to the one for the vortex motion as a dynamics of point particles.

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