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1-Lipschitz aggregation operators and quasi-copulas

Anna Kolesárová (2003)


In the paper, binary 1-Lipschitz aggregation operators and specially quasi-copulas are studied. The characterization of 1-Lipschitz aggregation operators as solutions to a functional equation similar to the Frank functional equation is recalled, and moreover, the importance of quasi-copulas and dual quasi-copulas for describing the structure of 1-Lipschitz aggregation operators with neutral element or annihilator is shown. Also a characterization of quasi-copulas as solutions to a certain functional...

A characterization of probability measures by f-moments

K. Urbanik (1996)

Studia Mathematica

Given a real-valued continuous function ƒ on the half-line [0,∞) we denote by P*(ƒ) the set of all probability measures μ on [0,∞) with finite ƒ-moments ʃ 0 ƒ ( x ) μ * n ( d x ) (n = 1,2...). A function ƒ is said to have the identification propertyif probability measures from P*(ƒ) are uniquely determined by their ƒ-moments. A function ƒ is said to be a Bernstein function if it is infinitely differentiable on the open half-line (0,∞) and ( - 1 ) n ƒ ( n + 1 ) ( x ) is completely monotone for some nonnegative integer n. The purpose of this paper...

A Characterization of Uniform Distribution

Joanna Chachulska (2005)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

Is the Lebesgue measure on [0,1]² a unique product measure on [0,1]² which is transformed again into a product measure on [0,1]² by the mapping ψ(x,y) = (x,(x+y)mod 1))? Here a somewhat stronger version of this problem in a probabilistic framework is answered. It is shown that for independent and identically distributed random variables X and Y constancy of the conditional expectations of X+Y-I(X+Y > 1) and its square given X identifies uniform distribution either absolutely continuous or discrete....

A compound of the generalized negative binomial distribution with the generalized beta distribution

Tadeusz Gerstenkorn (2004)

Open Mathematics

This paper presents a compound of the generalized negative binomial distribution with the generalized beta distribution. In the introductory part of the paper, we provide a chronological overview of recent developments in the compounding of distributions, including the Polish results. Then, in addition to presenting the probability function of the compound generalized negative binomial-generalized beta distribution, we present special cases as well as factorial and crude moments of some compound...

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