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A new mixed finite element method based on the Crank-Nicolson scheme for Burgers' equation

Xiaohui Hu, Pengzhan Huang, Xinlong Feng (2016)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper, a new mixed finite element method is used to approximate the solution as well as the flux of the 2D Burgers’ equation. Based on this new formulation, we give the corresponding stable conforming finite element approximation for the P 0 2 - P 1 pair by using the Crank-Nicolson time-discretization scheme. Optimal error estimates are obtained. Finally, numerical experiments show the efficiency of the new mixed method and justify the theoretical results.

A-monotone nonlinear relaxed cocoercive variational inclusions

Ram Verma (2007)

Open Mathematics

Based on the notion of A - monotonicity, a new class of nonlinear variational inclusion problems is presented. Since A - monotonicity generalizes H - monotonicity (and in turn, generalizes maximal monotonicity), results thus obtained, are general in nature.

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