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A. C. Clarke's Space Odyssey and Newton's law of gravity

Bartoň, Stanislav, Renčín, Lukáš (2017)

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

In his famous tetralogy, Space Odyssey, A. C. Clarke called the calculation of a motion of a mass point in the gravitational field of the massive cuboid a classical problem of gravitational mechanics. This article presents a proposal for a solution to this problem in terms of Newton's theory of gravity. First we discuss and generalize Newton's law of gravitation. We then compare the gravitational field created by the cuboid -- monolith, with the gravitational field of the homogeneous sphere. This...

Approximation of the Stieltjes integral and applications in numerical integration

Pietro Cerone, Sever Silvestru Dragomir (2006)

Applications of Mathematics

Some inequalities for the Stieltjes integral and applications in numerical integration are given. The Stieltjes integral is approximated by the product of the divided difference of the integrator and the Lebesgue integral of the integrand. Bounds on the approximation error are provided. Applications to the Fourier Sine and Cosine transforms on finite intervals are mentioned as well.

Approximations and error bounds for computing the inverse mapping

Lucas Jódar, Enrique Ponsoda, G. Rodríguez Sánchez (1997)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper we propose a procedure to construct approximations of the inverse of a class of 𝒞 m differentiable mappings. First of all we determine in terms of the data a neighbourhood where the inverse mapping is well defined. Then it is proved that the theoretical inverse can be expressed in terms of the solution of a differential equation depending on parameters. Finally, using one-step matrix methods we construct approximate inverse mappings of a prescribed accuracy.

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