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Algorithms for Evaluation of the Wright Function for the Real Arguments’ Values

Luchko, Yury (2008)

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

2000 Math. Subject Classification: 33E12, 65D20, 33F05, 30E15The paper deals with analysis of several techniques and methods for the numerical evaluation of the Wright function. Even if the focus is mainly on the real arguments’ values, the methods introduced here can be used in the complex plane, too. The approaches presented in the paper include integral representations of the Wright function, its asymptotic expansions and summation of series. Because the Wright function depends on two parameters ...

Avoiding look-ahead in the Lanczos method and Padé approximation

E. Ayachour (1999)

Applicationes Mathematicae

In the non-normal case, it is possible to use various look-ahead strategies for computing the elements of a family of regular orthogonal polynomials. These strategies consist in jumping over non-existing and singular orthogonal polynomials by solving triangular linear systems. We show how to avoid them by using a new method called ALA (Avoiding Look-Ahead), for which we give three principal implementations. The application of ALA to Padé approximation, extrapolation methods and Lanczos method for...

Cálculo rápido de las funciones de Bessel modificadas Kis(X) e Iis(X) y sus derivadas.

Lluís Closas Torrente, Juan Antonio Fernández Rubio (1987)


En este trabajo discutimos la resolución de la ecuación de Besseld2x/dx2 + (1/x)(dy/dx) - (1 - s2/x2)y = 0.Las funciones de Bessel modificadas Kv(x) e Iv(x) son las soluciones a la ecuación anterior cuando v = is. El valor de la función Kis(x) es real y el de la función Iis(x) es complejo, por ello definimos en su lugar una función real Mis(x). La función Iis(x) resultará ser una combinación de las funciones Kis(x) y Mis(x). Daremos algunos desarrollos en serie de Mis(x) y Kis(x) junto con sus derivadas...

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