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A comparison of the accuracy of the finite-difference solution to boundary value problems for the Helmholtz equation obtained by direct and iterative methods

Václav Červ, Karel Segeth (1982)

Aplikace matematiky

The development of iterative methods for solving linear algebraic equations has brought the question of when the employment of these methods is more advantageous than the use of the direct ones. In the paper, a comparison of the direct and iterative methods is attempted. The methods are applied to solving a certain class of boundary-value problems for elliptic partial differential equations which are used for the numerical modeling of electromagnetic fields in geophysics. The numerical experiments...

A necessary and sufficient criterion to guarantee feasibility of the interval Gaussian algorithm for a class of matrices

Günter Mayer, Lars Pieper (1993)

Applications of Mathematics

A necessary and sufficient to guarantee feasibility of the interval Gaussian algorithms for a class of matrices. We apply the interval Gaussian algorithm to an n × n interval matrix [ A ] the comparison matrix [ A ] of which is irreducible and diagonally dominant. We derive a new necessary and sufficient criterion for the feasibility of this method extending a recently given sufficient criterion.

A stable and optimal complexity solution method for mixed finite element discretizations

Jan Brandts, Rob Stevenson (2002)

Mathematica Bohemica

We outline a solution method for mixed finite element discretizations based on dissecting the problem into three separate steps. The first handles the inhomogeneous constraint, the second solves the flux variable from the homogeneous problem, whereas the third step, adjoint to the first, finally gives the Lagrangian multiplier. We concentrate on aspects involved in the first and third step mainly, and advertise a multi-level method that allows for a stable computation of the intermediate and final...

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