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A Distance-Based Method for Attribute Reduction in Incomplete Decision Systems

Demetrovics, Janos, Thi, Vu Duc, Giang, Nguyen Long (2013)

Serdica Journal of Computing

There are limitations in recent research undertaken on attribute reduction in incomplete decision systems. In this paper, we propose a distance-based method for attribute reduction in an incomplete decision system. In addition, we prove theoretically that our method is more effective than some other methods.

A grid-computing based multi-camera tracking system for vehicle plate recognition

Zalili Binti Musa, Junzo Watada (2006)


There are several ways that can be implemented in a vehicle tracking system such as recognizing a vehicle color, a shape or a vehicle plate itself. In this paper, we will concentrate ourselves on recognizing a vehicle on a highway through vehicle plate recognition. Generally, recognizing a vehicle plate for a toll-gate system or parking system is easier than recognizing a car plate for the highway system. There are many cameras installed on the highway to capture images and every camera has different...

A Semantic-Oriented Architecture of a Functional Module for Personalized and Adaptive Access to the Knowledge in a Multimedia Digital Library

Paneva-Marinova, Desislava (2008)

Serdica Journal of Computing

This article presents the principal results of the doctoral thesis “Semantic-oriented Architecture and Models for Personalized and Adaptive Access to the Knowledge in Multimedia Digital Library” by Desislava Ivanova Paneva-Marinova (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics), successfully defended before the Specialised Academic Council for Informatics and Mathematical Modelling on 27 October, 2008.This paper presents dissertation work on semantic-oriented architectures and models for personalized...

Advanced approach for the public transportation regulation system based on cybercars

Asma Melki, Slim Hammadi, Yves Sallez, Thierry Berger, Christian Tahon (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research

In the last decade, the authorities require the use of safe, comfortable vehicles to assure a door to door aspect with respect of environment in the urban context. In this paper, we propose an advanced approach of transport regulation where we integrate cybercars into a regulation process as an alternative in disruption cases. For that, we propose an ITS architecture including public transportation and cybercars into the same framework. We will show that collaboration between these two systems...

An application framework to systematically develop complex learning resources based on collaborative knowledge engineering

David Gañán, Santi Caballé, Jordi Conesa, Fatos Xhafa (2015)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

This contribution proposes software infrastructure to support new types of learning methodologies and resources based on collaborative knowledge engineering by means of an innovative application framework called the virtualized collaborative sessions framework (VCSF). The VCSF helps meet challenging collaborative knowledge engineering requirements in online learning, such as increasing group members' learning performance during the on-line collaborative learning process. In turn, systematic application...

An inquiry-based method for Choquet integral-based aggregation of interface usability parameters

Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Elena García Barriocanal, Tomasa Calvo (2003)


The concept of usability of man-machine interfaces is usually judged in terms of a number of aspects or attributes that are known to be subject to some rough correlations, and that are in many cases given different importance, depending on the context of use of the application. In consequence, the automation of judgment processes regarding the overall usability of concrete interfaces requires the design of aggregation operators that are capable of modeling approximate or ill-defined interactions...

Combination of mobile agent and evolutionary algorithm to optimize the client transport services

Hayfa Zgaya, Slim Hammadi, Khaled Ghédira (2008)

RAIRO - Operations Research

This paper presents a migration strategy for a set of mobile agents (MAs) in order to satisfy customers' requests in a transport network, through a multimodal information system. In this context, we propose an optimization solution which operates on two levels. The first one aims to constitute a set of MAs building their routes, called Workplans. At this level, Workplans must incorporate all nodes, representing information providers in the multimodal network, in order to explore it completely....

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