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Application of a Java-based framework to parallel simulation of large-scale systems

Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, Maciej Żmuda, Maciej Żmuda (2003)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Large-scale systems, such as computer and telecommunication networks, complex control systems and many others, operate in inherently parallel environments. It follows that there are many opportunities to admit parallelism into both the algorithm of control implementation and simulation of the system operation considered. The paper addresses issues associated with the application of parallel discrete event simulation (PDES). We discuss the PDES terminology and methodology. Particular attention is...

Interactive 3D Visualization of Bézier Curves using Java Open Graphics Library (JOGL)

Vlachkova, Krassimira, Boikova, Marina (2011)

Serdica Journal of Computing

We present a new program tool for interactive 3D visualization of some fundamental algorithms for representation and manipulation of Bézier curves. The program tool has an option for demonstration of one of their most important applications - in graphic design for creating letters by means of cubic Bézier curves. We use Java applet and JOGL as our main visualization techniques. This choice ensures the platform independency of the created applet and contributes to the realistic 3D visualization....

Meta-optimization of bio-inspired algorithms for antenna array design

Virgilio Zúñiga-Grajeda, Alberto Coronado-Mendoza, Kelly Joel Gurubel-Tun (2018)


In this article, a technique called Meta-Optimization is used to enhance the effectiveness of bio-inspired algorithms that solve antenna array synthesis problems. This technique consists on a second optimization layer that finds the best behavioral parameters for a given algorithm, which allows to achieve better results. Bio-inspired computational methods are useful to solve complex multidimensional problems such as the design of antenna arrays. However, their performance depends heavily on the...

Reduction in the number of LUT elements for control units with code sharing

Alexander Barkalov, Larysa Titarenko, Jacek Bieganowski (2010)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Two methods are proposed targeted at reduction in the number of look-up table elements in logic circuits of compositional microprogram control units (CMCUs) with code sharing. The methods assume the application of field-programmable gate arrays for the implementation of the combinational part of the CMCU, whereas embedded-memory blocks are used for implementation of its control memory. Both methods are based on the existence of classes of pseudoequivalent operational linear chains in a microprogram...

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