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A method for learning scenario determination and modification in intelligent tutoring systems

Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen (2011)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Computers have been employed in education for years. They help to provide educational aids using multimedia forms such as films, pictures, interactive tasks in the learning process, automated testing, etc. In this paper, a concept of an intelligent e-learning system will be proposed. The main purpose of this system is to teach effectively by providing an optimal learning path in each step of the educational process. The determination of a suitable learning path depends on the student's preferences,...

Co je LOGO?

Petr Štěpánek (1981)

Pokroky matematiky, fyziky a astronomie

Generalized Nets Model of an E-Learning System Software Architecture

Dimov, Aleksandar, Ilieva, Sylvia (2007)

Serdica Journal of Computing

The paper has been presented at the International Conference Pioneers of Bulgarian Mathematics, Dedicated to Nikola Obreshko ff and Lubomir Tschakaloff , Sofi a, July, 2006.Component-based software engineering and software architecture are tightly connected areas in computer science. Software architecture presents the functionality of the system as decomposition into components, the properties of these components and the connectors between them. This paper illustrates a methodology for application...

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