Odometers and systems of numeration

Peter J. Grabner; Pierre Liardet; Robert F. Tichy

Acta Arithmetica (1995)

  • Volume: 70, Issue: 2, page 103-123
  • ISSN: 0065-1036

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Peter J. Grabner, Pierre Liardet, and Robert F. Tichy. "Odometers and systems of numeration." Acta Arithmetica 70.2 (1995): 103-123. <http://eudml.org/doc/206741>.

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AU - Peter J. Grabner
AU - Pierre Liardet
AU - Robert F. Tichy
TI - Odometers and systems of numeration
JO - Acta Arithmetica
PY - 1995
VL - 70
IS - 2
SP - 103
EP - 123
LA - eng
KW - numeration system; -multiplicative functions; discrepancy; - odometer; -adic machine; numeration scale; linear recurrence; discrete spectrum; sum-of-digits function
UR - http://eudml.org/doc/206741
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