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Almost free splitters

Rüdiger GöbelSaharon Shelah — 1999

Colloquium Mathematicae

Let R be a subring of the rationals. We want to investigate self splitting R-modules G, that is, such that E x t R ( G , G ) = 0 . For simplicity we will call such modules splitters (see [10]). Also other names like stones are used (see a dictionary in Ringel’s paper [8]). Our investigation continues [5]. In [5] we answered an open problem by constructing a large class of splitters. Classical splitters are free modules and torsion-free, algebraically compact ones. In [5] we concentrated on splitters which are larger...

Endomorphism algebras over large domains

Rüdiger GöbelSimone Pabst — 1998

Fundamenta Mathematicae

The paper deals with realizations of R-algebras A as endomorphism algebras End G ≅ A of suitable R-modules G over a commutative ring R. We are mainly interested in the case of R having "many prime ideals", such as R = ℝ[x], the ring of real polynomials, or R a non-discrete valuation domain

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