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From L. Euler to D. König

Dominique de Werra (2009)

RAIRO - Operations Research

Starting from the famous Königsberg bridge problem which Euler described in 1736, we intend to show that some results obtained 180 years later by König are very close to Euler's discoveries.

Thomas Harriot on Combinations

Ian Maclean (2005)

Revue d'histoire des mathématiques

Thomas Harriot (1560?–1621) is known today as an innovative mathematician and a natural philosopher with wide intellectual horizons. This paper will look at his interest in combinations in three contexts: language (anagrams), natural philosophy (the question of atomism) and mathematics (number theory), in order to assess where to situate him in respect of three current historiographical debates: 1) whether there existed in the late Renaissance two opposed mentalities, the occult and the scientific;...

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