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Computing limit linear series with infinitesimal methods

Laurent Evain (2007)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

Alexander and Hirschowitz determined the Hilbert function of a generic union of fat points in a projective space when the number of fat points is much bigger than the greatest multiplicity of the fat points. Their method is based on a lemma which determines the limit of a linear system depending on fat points approaching a divisor.Other Hilbert functions were computed previously by Nagata. In connection with his counter-example to Hilbert’s fourteenth problem, Nagata determined the Hilbert function...

Fragmented deformations of primitive multiple curves

Jean-Marc Drézet (2013)

Open Mathematics

A primitive multiple curve is a Cohen-Macaulay irreducible projective curve Y that can be locally embedded in a smooth surface, and such that Y red is smooth. We study the deformations of Y to curves with smooth irreducible components, when the number of components is maximal (it is then the multiplicity n of Y). We are particularly interested in deformations to n disjoint smooth irreducible components, which are called fragmented deformations. We describe them completely. We give also a characterization...

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