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On the extendability of elliptic surfaces of rank two and higher

Angelo Felice Lopez, Roberto Muñoz, José Carlos Sierra (2009)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We study threefolds X r having as hyperplane section a smooth surface with an elliptic fibration. We first give a general theorem about the possible embeddings of such surfaces with Picard number two. More precise results are then proved for Weierstrass fibrations, both of rank two and higher. In particular we prove that a Weierstrass fibration of rank two that is not a K3 surface is not hyperplane section of a locally complete intersection threefold and we give some conditions, for many embeddings...

On the moduli b-divisors of lc-trivial fibrations

Osamu Fujino, Yoshinori Gongyo (2014)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

Roughly speaking, by using the semi-stable minimal model program, we prove that the moduli part of an lc-trivial fibration coincides with that of a klt-trivial fibration induced by adjunction after taking a suitable generically finite cover. As an application, we obtain that the moduli part of an lc-trivial fibration is b-nef and abundant by Ambro’s result on klt-trivial fibrations.

On the structure of linked 3-folds.

Aldo Biancofiore, Maria Lucia Fania (2001)

Revista Matemática Complutense

The structure of 3-folds in P6 which are generally linked via a complete intersection (f1,f2,f3) to 3-folds in P6 of degree d ≤ 5 is determined. We also give three new examples of smooth 3-folds in P6 of degree 11 and genus 9. These examples are obtained via liaison. The first two are 3-folds linked via a complete intersection (2,3,3) to 3-folds in P6 of degree 7: (i) the hyperquadric fibration over P1 and (ii) the scroll over P2. The third example is Pfaffian linked to a 3-dimensional quadric in...

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