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Cayley-Dickson Construction

Artur Korniłowicz (2012)

Formalized Mathematics

Cayley-Dickson construction produces a sequence of normed algebras over real numbers. Its consequent applications result in complex numbers, quaternions, octonions, etc. In this paper we formalize the construction and prove its basic properties.

Existence and construction of two-dimensional invariant subspaces for pairs of rotations

Ernst Dieterich (2009)

Colloquium Mathematicae

By a rotation in a Euclidean space V of even dimension we mean an orthogonal linear operator on V which is an orthogonal direct sum of rotations in 2-dimensional linear subspaces of V by a common angle α ∈ [0,π]. We present a criterion for the existence of a 2-dimensional subspace of V which is invariant under a given pair of rotations, in terms of the vanishing of a determinant associated with that pair. This criterion is constructive, whenever it is satisfied. It is also used to prove that every...

Morphisms in the category of finite-dimensional absolute valued algebras

Seidon Alsaody (2011)

Colloquium Mathematicae

This is a study of morphisms in the category of finite-dimensional absolute valued algebras whose codomains have dimension four. We begin by citing and transferring a classification of an equivalent category. Thereafter, we give a complete description of morphisms from one-dimensional algebras, partly via solutions of real polynomials, and a complete, explicit description of morphisms from two-dimensional algebras. We then give an account of the reducibility of the morphisms, and for the morphisms...

One-sided division absolute valued algebras.

Ana Rodríguez Palacios (1992)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

We develop a structure theory for left divsion absolute valued algebras which shows, among other things, that the norm of such an algebra comes from an inner product. Moreover, we prove the existence of left division complete absolute valued algebras with left unit of arbitrary infinite hilbertian division and with the additional property that they have nonzero proper closed left ideals. Our construction involves results from the representation theory of the so called "Canonical Anticommutation...

Quantum sections and Gauge algebras.

Lieven Le Bruyn, Freddy van Oystaeyen (1992)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

Using quantum sections of filtered rings and the associated Rees rings one can lift the scheme structure on Proj of the associated graded ring to the Proj of the Rees ring. The algebras of interest here are positively filtered rings having a non-commutative regular quadratic algebra for the associated graded ring; these are the so-called gauge algebras obtaining their name from special examples appearing in E. Witten's gauge theories. The paper surveys basic definitions and properties but concentrates...

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