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Cartan subalgebras, weight spaces, and criterion of solvability of finite dimensional Leibniz algebras.

Sergio A. Albeverio, Ayupov, Shavkat, A. 2, Bakhrom A. Omirov (2006)

Revista Matemática Complutense

In this work the properties of Cartan subalgebras and weight spaces of finite dimensional Lie algebras are extended to the case of Leibniz algebras. Namely, the relation between Cartan subalgebras and regular elements are described, also an analogue of Cartan s criterion of solvability is proved.

On Herstein's theorems relating modularity in A and A(+).

José A. Anquela (1992)

Extracta Mathematicae

In this paper we will examine the relationship between modularity in the lattices of subalgebras of A and A(+), for A an associative algebra over an algebraically closed field. To this aim we will construct an ideal which measures the modularity of an algebra (not necessarily associative) in paragraph 1, examine modular associative algebras in paragraph 2, and prove in paragraph 3 that the ideal constructed in paragraph 1 coincides for A and A(+). We will also examine some properties of the ideal...

On some properties of the upper central series in Leibniz algebras

Leonid A. Kurdachenko, Javier Otal, Igor Ya. Subbotin (2019)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

This article discusses the Leibniz algebras whose upper hypercenter has finite codimension. It is proved that such an algebra L includes a finite dimensional ideal K such that the factor-algebra L / K is hypercentral. This result is an extension to the Leibniz algebra of the corresponding result obtained earlier for Lie algebras. It is also analogous to the corresponding results obtained for groups and modules.

The structure of split regular Hom-Poisson algebras

María J. Aragón Periñán, Antonio J. Calderón Martín (2016)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We introduce the class of split regular Hom-Poisson algebras formed by those Hom-Poisson algebras whose underlying Hom-Lie algebras are split and regular. This class is the natural extension of the ones of split Hom-Lie algebras and of split Poisson algebras. We show that the structure theorems for split Poisson algebras can be extended to the more general setting of split regular Hom-Poisson algebras. That is, we prove that an arbitrary split regular Hom-Poisson algebra is of the form = U + j I j with U...

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