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Brauer relations in finite groups

Alex Bartel, Tim Dokchitser (2015)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

If G is a non-cyclic finite group, non-isomorphic G -sets X , Y may give rise to isomorphic permutation representations [ X ] [ Y ] . Equivalently, the map from the Burnside ring to the rational representation ring of G has a kernel. Its elements are called Brauer relations, and the purpose of this paper is to classify them in all finite groups, extending the Tornehave–Bouc classification in the case of p -groups.

Characterizations based on length-biased weighted measure of inaccuracy for truncated random variables

Chanchal Kundu (2014)

Applications of Mathematics

In survival studies and life testing, the data are generally truncated. Recently, authors have studied a weighted version of Kerridge inaccuracy measure for truncated distributions. In the present paper we consider weighted residual and weighted past inaccuracy measure and study various aspects of their bounds. Characterizations of several important continuous distributions are provided based on weighted residual (past) inaccuracy measure.

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