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A note on solvable vertex stabilizers of s -transitive graphs of prime valency

Song-Tao Guo, Hailong Hou, Yong Xu (2015)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

A graph X , with a group G of automorphisms of X , is said to be ( G , s ) -transitive, for some s 1 , if G is transitive on s -arcs but not on ( s + 1 ) -arcs. Let X be a connected ( G , s ) -transitive graph of prime valency p 5 , and G v the vertex stabilizer of a vertex v V ( X ) . Suppose that G v is solvable. Weiss (1974) proved that | G v | p ( p - 1 ) 2 . In this paper, we prove that G v ( p m ) × n for some positive integers m and n such that n div m and m p - 1 .

Arc-transitive and s-regular Cayley graphs of valency five on Abelian groups

Mehdi Alaeiyan (2006)

Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory

Let G be a finite group, and let 1 G S G . A Cayley di-graph Γ = Cay(G,S) of G relative to S is a di-graph with a vertex set G such that, for x,y ∈ G, the pair (x,y) is an arc if and only if y x - 1 S . Further, if S = S - 1 : = s - 1 | s S , then Γ is undirected. Γ is conected if and only if G = ⟨s⟩. A Cayley (di)graph Γ = Cay(G,S) is called normal if the right regular representation of G is a normal subgroup of the automorphism group of Γ. A graph Γ is said to be arc-transitive, if Aut(Γ) is transitive on an arc set. Also, a graph Γ...

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