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6-BFC groups

Cliff David, James Wiegold (2006)

Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova

Bitwisted Burnside-Frobenius theorem and Dehn conjugacy problem

Alexander Fel'shtyn (2009)

Banach Center Publications

It is proved for Abelian groups that the Reidemeister coincidence number of two endomorphisms ϕ and ψ is equal to the number of coincidence points of ϕ̂ and ψ̂ on the unitary dual, if the Reidemeister number is finite. An affirmative answer to the bitwisted Dehn conjugacy problem for almost polycyclic groups is obtained. Finally, we explain why the Reidemeister numbers are always infinite for injective endomorphisms of Baumslag-Solitar groups.

Finite groups whose set of numbers of subgroups of possible order has exactly 2 elements

Changguo Shao, Qinhui Jiang (2014)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Counting subgroups of finite groups is one of the most important topics in finite group theory. We classify the finite non-nilpotent groups G whose set of numbers of subgroups of possible orders n ( G ) has exactly two elements. We show that if G is a non-nilpotent group whose set of numbers of subgroups of possible orders has exactly 2 elements, then G has a normal Sylow subgroup of prime order and G is solvable. Moreover, as an application we give a detailed description of non-nilpotent groups with...

Fixed points for positive permutation braids

Michał Misiurewicz, Ana Rodrigues (2012)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Making use of the Nielsen fixed point theory, we study a conjugacy invariant of braids, which we call the level index function. We present a simple algorithm for computing it for positive permutation cyclic braids.

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