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A general approach to decomposable bi-capacities

Susanne Saminger, Radko Mesiar (2003)


We propose a concept of decomposable bi-capacities based on an analogous property of decomposable capacities, namely the valuation property. We will show that our approach extends the already existing concepts of decomposable bi-capacities. We briefly discuss additive and k -additive bi-capacities based on our definition of decomposability. Finally we provide examples of decomposable bi-capacities in our sense in order to show how they can be constructed.

A noncommutative version of a Theorem of Marczewski for submeasures

Paolo de Lucia, Pedro Morales (1992)

Studia Mathematica

It is shown that every monocompact submeasure on an orthomodular poset is order continuous. From this generalization of the classical Marczewski Theorem, several results of commutative Measure Theory are derived and unified.

A note on integral representation of Feller kernels

R. Rębowski (1991)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We consider integral representations of Feller probability kernels from a Tikhonov space X into a Hausdorff space Y by continuous functions from X into Y. From the existence of such a representation for every kernel it follows that the space X has to be 0-dimensional. Moreover, both types of representations coincide in the metrizable case when in addition X is compact and Y is complete. It is also proved that the representation of a single kernel is equivalent to the existence of some non-direct...

A note on intersections of non-Haar null sets

Eva Matoušková, Miroslav Zelený (2003)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We show that in every Polish, abelian, non-locally compact group G there exist non-Haar null sets A and B such that the set {g ∈ G; (g+A) ∩ B is non-Haar null} is empty. This answers a question posed by Christensen.

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