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A new characterization of Gromov hyperbolicity for negatively curved surfaces.

José M. Rodríguez, Eva Tourís (2006)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

In this paper we show that to check Gromov hyperbolicity of any surface of constant negative curvature, or Riemann surface, we only need to verify the Rips condition on a very small class of triangles, namely, those obtained by marking three points in a simple closed geodesic. This result is, in fact, a new characterization of Gromov hyperbolicity for Riemann surfaces.

Best constants for metric space inversion inequalities

Stephen Buckley, Safia Hamza (2013)

Open Mathematics

For every metric space (X, d) and origin o ∈ X, we show the inequality I o(x, y) ≤ 2d o(x, y), where I o(x, y) = d(x, y)/d(x, o)d(y, o) is the metric space inversion semimetric, d o is a metric subordinate to I o, and x, y ∈ X o The constant 2 is best possible.

Boundary asymptotics of the relative Bergman kernel metric for hyperelliptic curves

Robert Xin Dong (2017)

Complex Manifolds

We survey variations of the Bergman kernel and their asymptotic behaviors at degeneration. For a Legendre family of elliptic curves, the curvature form of the relative Bergman kernel metric is equal to the Poincaré metric on ℂ 0,1. The cases of other elliptic curves are either the same or trivial. Two proofs depending on elliptic functions’ special properties and Abelian differentials’ Taylor expansions are discussed, respectively. For a holomorphic family of hyperelliptic nodal or cuspidal curves...

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