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Denoising Manifolds for Dimension

Jammalamadaka, Arvind K. (2009)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 68T01, 62H30, 32C09.Locally Linear Embedding (LLE) has gained prominence as a tool in unsupervised non-linear dimensional reduction. While the algorithm aims to preserve certain proximity relations between the observed points, this may not always be desirable if the shape in higher dimensions that we are trying to capture is observed with noise. This note suggests that a desirable first step is to remove or at least reduce the noise in the observations before...

Grauert's theorem for subanalytic open sets in real analytic manifolds

Daniel Barlet, Teresa Monteiro Fernandes (2011)

Studia Mathematica

By an open neighbourhood in ℂⁿ of an open subset Ω of ℝⁿ we mean an open subset Ω' of ℂⁿ such that ℝⁿ ∩ Ω' = Ω. A well known result of H. Grauert implies that any open subset of ℝⁿ admits a fundamental system of Stein open neighbourhoods in ℂⁿ. Another way to state this property is to say that each open subset of ℝⁿ is Stein. We shall prove a similar result in the subanalytic category: every subanalytic open subset in a paracompact real analytic manifold M admits a fundamental system of subanalytic...

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