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A cohomological Steinness criterion for holomorphically spreadable complex spaces

Viorel Vâjâitu (2010)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let X be a complex space of dimension n , not necessarily reduced, whose cohomology groups H 1 ( X , 𝒪 ) , ... , H n - 1 ( X , 𝒪 ) are of finite dimension (as complex vector spaces). We show that X is Stein (resp., 1 -convex) if, and only if, X is holomorphically spreadable (resp., X is holomorphically spreadable at infinity). This, on the one hand, generalizes a known characterization of Stein spaces due to Siu, Laufer, and Simha and, on the other hand, it provides a new criterion for 1 -convexity.

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