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A class of integrable polynomial vector fields

Javier Chavarriga (1995)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We study the integrability of two-dimensional autonomous systems in the plane of the form = - y + X s ( x , y ) , = x + Y s ( x , y ) , where Xs(x,y) and Ys(x,y) are homogeneous polynomials of degree s with s≥2. First, we give a method for finding polynomial particular solutions and next we characterize a class of integrable systems which have a null divergence factor given by a quadratic polynomial in the variable ( x 2 + y 2 ) s / 2 - 1 with coefficients being functions of tan−1(y/x).

A model of competition

Peter Kahlig (2012)

Applicationes Mathematicae

A competition model is described by a nonlinear first-order differential equation (of Riccati type). Its solution is then used to construct a functional equation in two variables (admitting essentially the same solution) and several iterative functional equations; their continuous solutions are presented in various forms (closed form, power series, integral representation, asymptotic expansion, continued fraction). A constant C = 0.917... (inherent in the model) is shown to be a transcendental number....

Algebraic integrability for minimum energy curves

Ivan Yudin, Fátima Silva Leite (2015)


This paper deals with integrability issues of the Euler-Lagrange equations associated to a variational problem, where the energy function depends on acceleration and drag. Although the motivation came from applications to path planning of underwater robot manipulators, the approach is rather theoretical and the main difficulties result from the fact that the power needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of its speed.

Analysis of singularities and of integrability of ODE's by algorithms of Power Geometry

Alexander D. Bruno (2011)

Banach Center Publications

Here we present basic ideas and algorithms of Power Geometry and give a survey of some of its applications. In Section 2, we consider one generic ordinary differential equation and demonstrate how to find asymptotic forms and asymptotic expansions of its solutions. In Section 3, we demonstrate how to find expansions of solutions to Painlevé equations by this method, and we analyze singularities of plane oscillations of a satellite on an elliptic orbit. In Section 4, we consider the problem of local...

Analytic enclosure of the fundamental matrix solution

Roberto Castelli, Jean-Philippe Lessard, Jason D. Mireles James (2015)

Applications of Mathematics

This work describes a method to rigorously compute the real Floquet normal form decomposition of the fundamental matrix solution of a system of linear ODEs having periodic coefficients. The Floquet normal form is validated in the space of analytic functions. The technique combines analytical estimates and rigorous numerical computations and no rigorous integration is needed. An application to the theory of dynamical system is presented, together with a comparison with the results obtained by computing...

Analytic solution of transcendental equations

Henryk Górecki (2010)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

A decomposition technique of the solution of an n-th order linear differential equation into a set of solutions of 2-nd order linear differential equations is presented.

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