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Borel resummation of formal solutions to nonlinear Laplace equations in 2 variables

Maria Ewa Pliś, Bogdan Ziemian (1997)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We consider a nonlinear Laplace equation Δu = f(x,u) in two variables. Following the methods of B. Braaksma [Br] and J. Ecalle used for some nonlinear ordinary differential equations we construct first a formal power series solution and then we prove the convergence of the series in the same class as the function f in x.

Conditions ensuring T-1(Y) ⊂ Y.

Dagmar Medková (2005)

Extracta Mathematicae

The following theorem is the main result of the paper: Let X be a complex Banach space and T belong to L(X). Suppose that 0 lies at the unbounded component of the set of those l such that lI - T is a Fredholm operator. Let Y be a dense subspace of the dual space X' and S be a closed operator from Y to X such that T'(Y) is contained in Y and TSy = ST'y for every y belonging to Y. Then for every vector x belonging to X', T'x belongs to Y if and only if x belongs to Y.

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