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A López-Escobar theorem for metric structures, and the topological Vaught conjecture

Samuel Coskey, Martino Lupini (2016)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We show that a version of López-Escobar’s theorem holds in the setting of model theory for metric structures. More precisely, let denote the Urysohn sphere and let Mod(,) be the space of metric -structures supported on . Then for any Iso()-invariant Borel function f: Mod(,) → [0,1], there exists a sentence ϕ of ω ω such that for all M ∈ Mod(,) we have f ( M ) = ϕ M . This answers a question of Ivanov and Majcher-Iwanow. We prove several consequences, for example every orbit equivalence relation of a Polish group...

A reconstruction theorem for locally moving groups acting on completely metrizable spaces

Edmund Ben-Ami (2010)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Let G be a group which acts by homeomorphisms on a metric space X. We say the action of G is locally moving on X if for every open U ⊆ X there is a g ∈ G such that g↾X ≠ Id while g↾(X∖U) = Id. We prove the following theorem: Theorem A. Let X,Y be completely metrizable spaces and let G be a group which acts on X and Y with locally moving actions. If the orbits of the action of G on X are of the second category in X and the orbits of the action of G on Y are of the second category...

Approximate quantities, hyperspaces and metric completeness

Valentín Gregori, Salvador Romaguera (2000)

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana

Mostriamo che se X , d è uno spazio metrico completo, allora è completa anche la metrica D , indotta in modo naturale da d sul sottospazio degli insiemi sfocati («fuzzy») di X dati dalle quantità approssimate. Come è ben noto, D è una metrica molto interessante nella teoria dei punti fissi di applicazioni sfocate, poiché permette di ottenere risultati soddisfacenti in questo contesto.

Borel classes of uniformizations of sets with large sections

Petr Holický (2010)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We give several refinements of known theorems on Borel uniformizations of sets with “large sections”. In particular, we show that a set B ⊂ [0,1] × [0,1] which belongs to Σ α , α ≥ 2, and which has all “vertical” sections of positive Lebesgue measure, has a Π α uniformization which is the graph of a Σ α -measurable mapping. We get a similar result for sets with nonmeager sections. As a corollary we derive an improvement of Srivastava’s theorem on uniformizations for Borel sets with G δ sections.

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