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A countable dense homogeneous set of reals of size ℵ₁

Ilijas Farah, Michael Hrušák, Carlos Azarel Martínez Ranero (2005)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We prove there is a countable dense homogeneous subspace of ℝ of size ℵ₁. The proof involves an absoluteness argument using an extension of the L ω ω ( Q ) logic obtained by adding predicates for Borel sets.

A groupoid formulation of the Baire Category Theorem

Jonathan Brown, Lisa Orloff Clark (2014)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We prove that the Baire Category Theorem is equivalent to the following: Let G be a topological groupoid such that the unit space is a complete metric space, and there is a countable cover of G by neighbourhood bisections. If G is effective, then G is topologically principal.

A nonlinear Banach-Steinhaus theorem and some meager sets in Banach spaces

Jacek Jachymski (2005)

Studia Mathematica

We establish a Banach-Steinhaus type theorem for nonlinear functionals of several variables. As an application, we obtain extensions of the recent results of Balcerzak and Wachowicz on some meager subsets of L¹(μ) × L¹(μ) and c₀ × c₀. As another consequence, we get a Banach-Mazurkiewicz type theorem on some residual subset of C[0,1] involving Kharazishvili's notion of Φ-derivative.

A Remark on Variational Principles of Choban, Kenderov and Revalski

Adrian Królak (2013)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

We consider some variational principles in the spaces C*(X) of bounded continuous functions on metrizable spaces X, introduced by M. M. Choban, P. S. Kenderov and J. P. Revalski. In particular we give an answer (consistent with ZFC) to a question stated by these authors.

A survey on topological games and their applications in analysis.

Jiling Cao, Warren B. Moors (2006)


In this survey article we shall summarise some of the recent progress that has occurred in the study of topological games as well as their applications to abstract analysis. The topics given here do not necessarily represent the most important problems from the area of topological games, but rather, they represent a selection of problems that are of interest to the authors.

About remainders in compactifications of homogeneous spaces

D. Basile, Angelo Bella (2009)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We prove a dichotomy theorem for remainders in compactifications of homogeneous spaces: given a homogeneous space X , every remainder of X is either realcompact and meager or Baire. In addition we show that two other recent dichotomy theorems for remainders of topological groups due to Arhangel’skii cannot be extended to homogeneous spaces.

Analytic Baire spaces

A. J. Ostaszewski (2012)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We generalize to the non-separable context a theorem of Levi characterizing Baire analytic spaces. This allows us to prove a joint-continuity result for non-separable normed groups, previously known only in the separable context.

Baire category results for quasi–copulas

Fabrizio Durante, Juan Fernández-Sánchez, Wolfgang Trutschnig (2016)

Dependence Modeling

The aim of this manuscript is to determine the relative size of several functions (copulas, quasi– copulas) that are commonly used in stochastic modeling. It is shown that the class of all quasi–copulas that are (locally) associated to a doubly stochastic signed measure is a set of first category in the class of all quasi– copulas. Moreover, it is proved that copulas are nowhere dense in the class of quasi-copulas. The results are obtained via a checkerboard approximation of quasi–copulas.

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