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Dolbeault homotopy theory and compact nilmanifolds

L. Cordero, M. Fernández, A. Gray, L. Ugarte (1998)

Banach Center Publications

In this paper we study the degeneration of both the cohomology and the cohomotopy Frölicher spectral sequences in a special class of complex manifolds, namely the class of compact nilmanifolds endowed with a nilpotent complex structure. Whereas the cohomotopy spectral sequence is always degenerate for such a manifold, there exist many nilpotent complex structures on compact nilmanifolds for which the classical Frölicher spectral sequence does not collapse even at the second term.

Stable cohomotopy groups of compact spaces

Sławomir Nowak (2003)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We show that one can reduce the study of global (in particular cohomological) properties of a compact Hausdorff space X to the study of its stable cohomotopy groups π s k ( X ) . Any cohomology functor on the homotopy category of compact spaces factorizes via the stable shape category ShStab. This is the main reason why the language and technique of stable shape theory can be used to describe and analyze the global structure of compact spaces. For a given Hausdorff compact space X, there exists a metric compact...

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