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A new invariant and parametric connected sum of embeddings

A. Skopenkov (2007)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We define an isotopy invariant of embeddings N m of manifolds into Euclidean space. This invariant together with the α-invariant of Haefliger-Wu is complete in the dimension range where the α-invariant could be incomplete. We also define parametric connected sum of certain embeddings (analogous to surgery). This allows us to obtain new completeness results for the α-invariant and the following estimation of isotopy classes of embeddings. In the piecewise-linear category, for a (3n-2m+2)-connected...

A proof of the two-dimensional Markus-Yamabe Stability Conjecture and a generalization

Robert Feßler (1995)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

The following problem of Markus and Yamabe is answered affirmatively: Let f be a local diffeomorphism of the euclidean plane whose jacobian matrix has negative trace everywhere. If f(0) = 0, is it true that 0 is a global attractor of the ODE dx/dt = f(x)? An old result of Olech states that this is equivalent to the question if such an f is injective. Here the problem is treated in the latter form by means of an investigation of the behaviour of f near infinity.

Combinatoire des simplexes sans singularités I. Le cas différentiable

Jean Cerf (1998)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

On définit le bicomplexe C , , extension naturelle du complexe C engendré par un ensemble simplicial Γ . Ceci permet de définir la notion de ruban de base un cycle de C . La somme directe de l’homologie des colonnes de C , contient, outre l’homologie de C , des groupes dans lesquels se trouvent les obstructions à l’existence de rubans. Si Γ est un sous-ensemble simplicial, stable par subdivision, de l’ensemble des simplexes singuliers d’un espace topologique, l’existence de rubans entraîne l’invariance...

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