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A nonparametric test of zero intrapair correlation

Antonín Lukš (1983)

Aplikace matematiky

The author applies the test criterion of P. Rothety to the statistical analysis of the positive correclation of symmetric pairs of observations. In this particular case he arrives at some new results. His work ends with a general proof of the consistency of Rothery's test.

A note on order statistics from symmetrically distributed samples

Marek Kałuszka, Andrzej Okolewski (2011)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We present a first moment distribution-free bound on expected values of L-statistics as well as properties of some numerical characteristics of order statistics, in the case when the observations are possibly dependent symmetrically distributed about the common mean. An actuarial interpretation of the presented bound is indicated.

A quantile goodness-of-fit test for Cauchy distribution, based on extreme order statistics

František Rublík (2001)

Applications of Mathematics

A test statistic for testing goodness-of-fit of the Cauchy distribution is presented. It is a quadratic form of the first and of the last order statistic and its matrix is the inverse of the asymptotic covariance matrix of the quantile difference statistic. The distribution of the presented test statistic does not depend on the parameter of the sampled Cauchy distribution. The paper contains critical constants for this test statistic, obtained from 50 000 simulations for each sample size considered....

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