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A posteriori error estimation for arbitrary order FEM applied to singularly perturbed one-dimensional reaction-diffusion problems

Torsten Linß (2014)

Applications of Mathematics

FEM discretizations of arbitrary order r are considered for a singularly perturbed one-dimensional reaction-diffusion problem whose solution exhibits strong layers. A posteriori error bounds of interpolation type are derived in the maximum norm. An adaptive algorithm is devised to resolve the boundary layers. Numerical experiments complement our theoretical results.

Opposing flows in a one dimensional convection-diffusion problem

Eugene O’Riordan (2012)

Open Mathematics

In this paper, we examine a particular class of singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problems with a discontinuous coefficient of the convective term. The presence of a discontinuous convective coefficient generates a solution which mimics flow moving in opposing directions either side of some flow source. A particular transmission condition is imposed to ensure that the differential operator is stable. A piecewise-uniform Shishkin mesh is combined with a monotone finite difference operator...

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