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A Finite Element Model Based on Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Moving Grids for Vertebrate Limb Pattern Formation

J. Zhu, Y.-T. Zhang, S. A. Newman, M. S. Alber (2009)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

Skeletal patterning in the vertebrate limb, i.e., the spatiotemporal regulation of cartilage differentiation (chondrogenesis) during embryogenesis and regeneration, is one of the best studied examples of a multicellular developmental process. Recently [Alber et al., The morphostatic limit for a model of skeletal pattern formation in the vertebrate limb, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2008, v70, pp. 460-483], a simplified two-equation reaction-diffusion system was developed to describe the interaction...

A posteriori error estimation for arbitrary order FEM applied to singularly perturbed one-dimensional reaction-diffusion problems

Torsten Linß (2014)

Applications of Mathematics

FEM discretizations of arbitrary order r are considered for a singularly perturbed one-dimensional reaction-diffusion problem whose solution exhibits strong layers. A posteriori error bounds of interpolation type are derived in the maximum norm. An adaptive algorithm is devised to resolve the boundary layers. Numerical experiments complement our theoretical results.

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