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A fast numerical test of multivariate polynomial positiveness with applications

Petr Augusta, Petra Augustová (2018)


The paper presents a simple method to check a positiveness of symmetric multivariate polynomials on the unit multi-circle. The method is based on the sampling polynomials using the fast Fourier transform. The algorithm is described and its possible applications are proposed. One of the aims of the paper is to show that presented algorithm is significantly faster than commonly used method based on the semi-definite programming expression.

Complexity of an algorithm for solving saddle-point systems with singular blocks arising in wavelet-Galerkin discretizations

Radek Kučera (2005)

Applications of Mathematics

The paper deals with fast solving of large saddle-point systems arising in wavelet-Galerkin discretizations of separable elliptic PDEs. The periodized orthonormal compactly supported wavelets of the tensor product type together with the fictitious domain method are used. A special structure of matrices makes it possible to utilize the fast Fourier transform that determines the complexity of the algorithm. Numerical experiments confirm theoretical results.

Computation of the fundamental solution of electrodynamics for anisotropic materials

Valery Yakhno, Handan Yaslan, Tatiana Yakhno (2012)

Open Mathematics

A new method for computation of the fundamental solution of electrodynamics for general anisotropic nondispersive materials is suggested. It consists of several steps: equations for each column of the fundamental matrix are reduced to a symmetric hyperbolic system; using the Fourier transform with respect to space variables and matrix transformations, formulae for Fourier images of the fundamental matrix columns are obtained; finally, the fundamental solution is computed by the inverse Fourier transform....

Computing discrete convolutions with verified accuracy via Banach algebras and the FFT

Jean-Philippe Lessard (2018)

Applications of Mathematics

We introduce a method to compute rigorous component-wise enclosures of discrete convolutions using the fast Fourier transform, the properties of Banach algebras, and interval arithmetic. The purpose of this new approach is to improve the implementation and the applicability of computer-assisted proofs performed in weighed 1 Banach algebras of Fourier/Chebyshev sequences, whose norms are known to be numerically unstable. We introduce some application examples, in particular a rigorous aposteriori...

Convolutive decomposition and fast summation methods for discrete-velocity approximations of the Boltzmann equation

Clément Mouhot, Lorenzo Pareschi, Thomas Rey (2013)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique

Discrete-velocity approximations represent a popular way for computing the Boltzmann collision operator. The direct numerical evaluation of such methods involve a prohibitive cost, typically O(N2d + 1) where d is the dimension of the velocity space. In this paper, following the ideas introduced in [C. Mouhot and L. Pareschi, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Sér. I Math. 339 (2004) 71–76, C. Mouhot and L. Pareschi, Math. Comput. 75 (2006) 1833–1852], we derive fast summation techniques for the evaluation of...

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