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A comparison of homogenization, Hashin-Shtrikman bounds and the Halpin-Tsai equations

Peter Wall (1997)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper we study a unidirectional and elastic fiber composite. We use the homogenization method to obtain numerical results of the plane strain bulk modulus and the transverse shear modulus. The results are compared with the Hashin-Shtrikman bounds and are found to be close to the lower bounds in both cases. This indicates that the lower bounds might be used as a first approximation of the plane strain bulk modulus and the transverse shear modulus. We also point out the connection with the...

A paradox in the theory of linear elasticity

Jindřich Nečas, Miloš Štípl (1976)

Aplikace matematiky

Let us have the system of partial differential equations of the linear elasticity. We show that the solution of this system with a bounded boundary condition is not generally bounded (i.e., the displacement vector is not bounded). This example is a modification of that given by E. De Giorgi [1].

Homogenization of parabolic equations an alternative approach and some corrector-type results

Anders Holmbom (1997)

Applications of Mathematics

We extend and complete some quite recent results by Nguetseng [Ngu1] and Allaire [All3] concerning two-scale convergence. In particular, a compactness result for a certain class of parameterdependent functions is proved and applied to perform an alternative homogenization procedure for linear parabolic equations with coefficients oscillating in both their space and time variables. For different speeds of oscillation in the time variable, this results in three cases. Further, we prove some corrector-type...

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