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Global Waves with Non-Positive Energy in General Relativity

Bachelot, Alain (2008)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 35Lxx, 35Pxx, 81Uxx, 83Cxx.The theory of the waves equations has a long history since M. Riesz and J. Hadamard. It is impossible to cite all the important results in the area, but we mention the authors related with our work: J. Leray [34] and Y. Choquet-Bruhat [9] (Cauchy problem), P. Lax and R. Phillips [33] (scattering theory for a compactly supported perturbation), L. H¨ ormander [27] and J-M. Bony [7] (microlocal analysis). In all these domains, V. Petkov has...

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