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On the topology of spherically symmetric space-times

J. Szenthe (2004)

Open Mathematics

Spherically symmetric space-times have attained considerable attention ever since the early beginnings of the theory of general relativity. In fact, they have appeared already in the papers of K. Schwarzschild [12] and W. De Sitter [5] which were published in 1916 and 1917 respectively soon after Einstein's epoch-making work [7] in 1915. The present survey is concerned mainly with recent results pertainig to the toplogy of spherically symmetric space-times. Definition. By space-time a connected...

Quasi-local energy-momentum and the Sen geometry of two-surfaces

László Szabados (1997)

Banach Center Publications

We review the main ideas of the two dimensional Sen geometry and apply these concepts i. in finding the `most natural' quasi-local energy-momentum, ii. in characterizing the zero energy-momentum and zero mass configurations and iii. in finding the quasi-local radiative modes of general relativity.

Weakly regular T 2 -symmetric spacetimes. The global geometry of future Cauchy developments

Philippe LeFloch, Jacques Smulevici (2015)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We provide a geometric well-posedness theory for the Einstein equations within the class of weakly regular vacuum spacetimes with T 2 -symmetry, as defined in the present paper, and we investigate their global causal structure. Our assumptions allow us to give a meaning to the Einstein equations under weak regularity as well as to solve the initial value problem under the assumed symmetry. First, introducing a frame adapted to the symmetry and identifying certain cancellation properties taking place...

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