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A distributed transportation simplex applied to a Content Distribution Network problem

Rafaelli de C. Coutinho, Lúcia M. A. Drummond, Yuri Frota (2014)

RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) can be defined as an overlay system that replicates copies of contents at multiple points of a network, close to the final users, with the objective of improving data access. CDN technology is widely used for the distribution of large-sized contents, like in video streaming. In this paper we address the problem of finding the best server for each customer request in CDNs, in order to minimize the overall cost. We consider the problem as a transportation problem...

Computing and proving with pivots

Frédéric Meunier (2013)

RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle

A simple idea used in many combinatorial algorithms is the idea of pivoting. Originally, it comes from the method proposed by Gauss in the 19th century for solving systems of linear equations. This method had been extended in 1947 by Dantzig for the famous simplex algorithm used for solving linear programs. From since, a pivoting algorithm is a method exploring subsets of a ground set and going from one subset σ to a new one σ′ by deleting an element inside σ and adding an element outside σ: σ′ = σv}  ∪  {u},...

On quasi-solution to infeasible linear complementarity problem obtained by Lemke’s method

L. Popov (2004)

Open Mathematics

For a linear complementarity problem with inconsistent system of constraints a notion of quasi-solution of Tschebyshev type is introduced. It’s shown that this solution can be obtained automatically by Lemke’s method if the constraint matrix of the original problem is copositive plus or belongs to the intersection of matrix classes P 0 and Q 0.

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