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A modified limited-memory BNS method for unconstrained minimization derived from the conjugate directions idea

Vlček, Jan, Lukšan, Ladislav (2015)

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

A modification of the limited-memory variable metric BNS method for large scale unconstrained optimization of the differentiable function f : N is considered, which consists in corrections (based on the idea of conjugate directions) of difference vectors for better satisfaction of the previous quasi-Newton conditions. In comparison with [11], more previous iterations can be utilized here. For quadratic objective functions, the improvement of convergence is the best one in some sense, all stored corrected...

An accurate active set Newton algorithm for large scale bound constrained optimization

Li Sun, Guoping He, Yongli Wang, Changyin Zhou (2011)

Applications of Mathematics

A new algorithm for solving large scale bound constrained minimization problems is proposed. The algorithm is based on an accurate identification technique of the active set proposed by Facchinei, Fischer and Kanzow in 1998. A further division of the active set yields the global convergence of the new algorithm. In particular, the convergence rate is superlinear without requiring the strict complementarity assumption. Numerical tests demonstrate the efficiency and performance of the present strategy...

An active set strategy based on the multiplier function or the gradient

Li Sun, Liang Fang, Guoping He (2010)

Applications of Mathematics

We employ the active set strategy which was proposed by Facchinei for solving large scale bound constrained optimization problems. As the special structure of the bound constrained problem, a simple rule is used for updating the multipliers. Numerical results show that the active set identification strategy is practical and efficient.

Del poliedro del agente viajero gráfico al de rutas de vehículos con demanda compartida.

Carmen Martínez, Enrique Mota (2000)


En este trabajo abordamos el estudio del poliedro asociado al Problema de Rutas de Vehículos con Demanda Compartida, problema de distribución que surge cuando hay que repartir mercancías a un conjunto de clientes utilizando una flota fija de vehículos de capacidad limitada. El objetivo es diseñar las rutas de forma que se minimice la distancia total recorrida. Se diferencia de otros problemas más conocidos de rutas con capacidades en que se permite abastecer la demanda de cada cliente utilizando...

Extended VIKOR as a new method for solving Multiple Objective Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming problems

Majeed Heydari, Mohammad Kazem Sayadi, Kamran Shahanaghi (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research

The VIKOR method was introduced as a Multi-Attribute Decision Making (MADM) method to solve discrete decision-making problems with incommensurable and conflicting criteria. This method focuses on ranking and selecting from a set of alternatives based on the particular measure of “closeness” to the “ideal” solution. The multi-criteria measure for compromise ranking is developed from the l–p metric used as an aggregating function in a compromise programming method. In this paper, the VIKOR method...

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