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A new non-interior continuation method for P 0 -NCP based on a SSPM-function

Liang Fang (2011)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper, we consider a new non-interior continuation method for the solution of nonlinear complementarity problem with P 0 -function ( P 0 -NCP). The proposed algorithm is based on a smoothing symmetric perturbed minimum function (SSPM-function), and one only needs to solve one system of linear equations and to perform only one Armijo-type line search at each iteration. The method is proved to possess global and local convergence under weaker conditions. Preliminary numerical results indicate that...

A topology over a set of systems

Gaspar Martínez Mora (1996)

Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas Físicas y Naturales

The systems of an arbitrary number of linear inequalities OVer a real locally convex space have been classified in three classes, namely: consistent, weakly inconsistent and strongly inconsistent, i.e. having ordinary solutions, weak solutions or notsolutions respectively. In this paper, the third type is divided in two classes: strict-strongly and quasi-strongly inconsistent and is given a topology over a quotient space of the set of systems over finite- dimensional spaces, that yields a set of...

Algunos resultados sobre sistemas de desigualdades lineales.

Juan Antonio Mira López (1988)

Trabajos de Investigación Operativa

En este artículo aplicamos la condición de Mazur-Orlicz para extender a espacios normados algunos resultados de consistencia de desigualdades lineales (s.d.l.) en Rn. Asimismo, obtenemos condiciones para la consistencia de s.d.l. en un espacio localmente convexo, cuando las soluciones pertenecen a ciertos subconjuntos del dual topológico.

Applications of nonnegative operators to a class of optimization problems

K. C. Sivakumar (2008)

Banach Center Publications

Let X be a partially ordered real Banach space, a,b ∈ X with a ≤ b. Let ϕ be a bounded linear functional on X. We call X a Ben-Israel-Charnes space (or a B-C space) if the linear program defined by Maximize ϕ(x) subject to a ≤ x ≤ b has an optimal solution for any ϕ, a and b. Such problems arise naturally in solving a class of problems known as Interval Linear Programs. B-C spaces were introduced in the author's doctoral thesis and were subsequently studied in [8] and [9]. In this article, we review...

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