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Rough membership functions: a tool for reasoning with uncertainty

Z. Pawlak, A. Skowron (1993)

Banach Center Publications

A variety of numerical approaches for reasoning with uncertainty have been investigated in the literature. We propose rough membership functions, rm-functions for short, as a basis for such reasoning. These functions have values in the interval [0,1] and are computable on the basis of the observable information about the objects rather than on the objects themselves. We investigate properties of the rm-functions. In particular, we show that our approach is intensional with respect to the class of...

Topologies, Continuity and Bisimulations

J. M. Davoren (2010)

RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications

The notion of a bisimulation relation is of basic importance in many areas of computation theory and logic. Of late, it has come to take a particular significance in work on the formal analysis and verification of hybrid control systems, where system properties are expressible by formulas of the modal μ-calculus or weaker temporal logics. Our purpose here is to give an analysis of the concept of bisimulation, starting with the observation that the zig-zag conditions are suggestive of some...

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