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𝒵 -distributive function lattices

Marcel Erné (2013)

Mathematica Bohemica

It is known that for a nonempty topological space X and a nonsingleton complete lattice Y endowed with the Scott topology, the partially ordered set [ X , Y ] of all continuous functions from X into Y is a continuous lattice if and only if both Y and the open set lattice 𝒪 X are continuous lattices. This result extends to certain classes of 𝒵 -distributive lattices, where 𝒵 is a subset system replacing the system 𝒟 of all directed subsets (for which the 𝒟 -distributive complete lattices are just the continuous...

0 -ideals in 0 -distributive posets

Khalid A. Mokbel (2016)

Mathematica Bohemica

The concept of a 0 -ideal in 0 -distributive posets is introduced. Several properties of 0 -ideals in 0 -distributive posets are established. Further, the interrelationships between 0 -ideals and α -ideals in 0 -distributive posets are investigated. Moreover, a characterization of prime ideals to be 0 -ideals in 0 -distributive posets is obtained in terms of non-dense ideals. It is shown that every 0 -ideal of a 0 -distributive meet semilattice is semiprime. Several counterexamples are discussed.

0-distributive posets

Khalid A. Mokbel, Vilas S. Kharat (2013)

Mathematica Bohemica

Several characterizations of 0-distributive posets are obtained by using the prime ideals as well as the semiprime ideals. It is also proved that if every proper l -filter of a poset is contained in a proper semiprime filter, then it is 0 -distributive. Further, the concept of a semiatom in 0-distributive posets is introduced and characterized in terms of dual atoms and also in terms of maximal annihilator. Moreover, semiatomic 0-distributive posets are defined and characterized. It is shown that...

2-normalization of lattices

Ivan Chajda, W. Cheng, S. L. Wismath (2008)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let τ be a type of algebras. A valuation of terms of type τ is a function v assigning to each term t of type τ a value v ( t ) 0 . For k 1 , an identity s t of type τ is said to be k -normal (with respect to valuation v ) if either s = t or both s and t have value k . Taking k = 1 with respect to the usual depth valuation of terms gives the well-known property of normality of identities. A variety is called k -normal (with respect to the valuation v ) if all its identities are k -normal. For any variety V , there is a least...

A binary operation-based representation of a lattice

Mourad Yettou, Abdelaziz Amroune, Lemnaouar Zedam (2019)


In this paper, we study and characterize some properties of a given binary operation on a lattice. More specifically, we show necessary and sufficient conditions under which a binary operation on a lattice coincides with its meet (resp. its join) operation. Importantly, we construct two new posets based on a given binary operation on a lattice and investigate some cases that these two posets have a lattice structure. Moreover, we provide some representations of a given lattice based on these new...

A Cantor-Bernstein theorem for σ -complete MV-algebras

Anna de Simone, Daniele Mundici, Mirko Navara (2003)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

The Cantor-Bernstein theorem was extended to σ -complete boolean algebras by Sikorski and Tarski. Chang’s MV-algebras are a nontrivial generalization of boolean algebras: they stand to the infinite-valued calculus of Łukasiewicz as boolean algebras stand to the classical two-valued calculus. In this paper we further generalize the Cantor-Bernstein theorem to σ -complete MV-algebras, and compare it to a related result proved by Jakubík for certain complete MV-algebras.

A categorical account of the localic closed subgroup theorem

Christopher Townsend (2007)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

Given an axiomatic account of the category of locales the closed subgroup theorem is proved. The theorem is seen as a consequence of a categorical account of the Hofmann-Mislove theorem. The categorical account has an order dual providing a new result for locale theory: every compact subgroup is necessarily fitted.

A categorical view at generalized concept lattices

Stanislav Krajči (2007)


We continue in the direction of the ideas from the Zhang’s paper [Z] about a relationship between Chu spaces and Formal Concept Analysis. We modify this categorical point of view at a classical concept lattice to a generalized concept lattice (in the sense of Krajči [K1]): We define generalized Chu spaces and show that they together with (a special type of) their morphisms form a category. Moreover we define corresponding modifications of the image / inverse image operator and show their commutativity...

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