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A categorical view at generalized concept lattices

Stanislav Krajči (2007)


We continue in the direction of the ideas from the Zhang’s paper [Z] about a relationship between Chu spaces and Formal Concept Analysis. We modify this categorical point of view at a classical concept lattice to a generalized concept lattice (in the sense of Krajči [K1]): We define generalized Chu spaces and show that they together with (a special type of) their morphisms form a category. Moreover we define corresponding modifications of the image / inverse image operator and show their commutativity...

A characterization of complete atomic Boolean algebra.

Francesc Esteva (1977)


In this note we give a characterization of complete atomic Boolean algebras by means of complete atomic lattices. We find that unicity of the representation of the maximum as union of atoms and Lambda-infinite distributivity law are necessary and sufficient conditions for the lattice to be a complete atomic Boolean algebra.

A-Verbände I

M. Stern, A. KERTÉSZ (1971)

Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie = Contributions to algebra and geometry

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