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𝔤 -quasi-Frobenius Lie algebras

David N. Pham (2016)

Archivum Mathematicum

A Lie version of Turaev’s G ¯ -Frobenius algebras from 2-dimensional homotopy quantum field theory is proposed. The foundation for this Lie version is a structure we call a 𝔤 -quasi-Frobenius Lie algebra for 𝔤 a finite dimensional Lie algebra. The latter consists of a quasi-Frobenius Lie algebra ( 𝔮 , β ) together with a left 𝔤 -module structure which acts on 𝔮 via derivations and for which β is 𝔤 -invariant. Geometrically, 𝔤 -quasi-Frobenius Lie algebras are the Lie algebra structures associated to symplectic...

Idempotent completion of pretriangulated categories

Jichun Liu, Longgang Sun (2014)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

A pretriangulated category is an additive category with left and right triangulations such that these two triangulations are compatible. In this paper, we first show that the idempotent completion of a left triangulated category admits a unique structure of left triangulated category and dually this is true for a right triangulated category. We then prove that the idempotent completion of a pretriangulated category has a natural structure of pretriangulated category. As an application, we show that...

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