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Deformations and derived categories

Frauke M. Bleher, Ted Chinburg (2005)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

In this paper we generalize the deformation theory of representations of a profinite group developed by Schlessinger and Mazur to deformations of objects of the derived category of bounded complexes of pseudocompact modules for such a group. We show that such objects have versal deformations under certain natural conditions, and we find a sufficient condition for these versal deformations to be universal. Moreover, we consider applications to deforming Galois cohomology classes and the étale hypercohomology...

Homotopy decompositions of orbit spaces and the Webb conjecture

Jolanta Słomińska (2001)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Let p be a prime number. We prove that if G is a compact Lie group with a non-trivial p-subgroup, then the orbit space ( B p ( G ) ) / G of the classifying space of the category associated to the G-poset p ( G ) of all non-trivial elementary abelian p-subgroups of G is contractible. This gives, for every G-CW-complex X each of whose isotropy groups contains a non-trivial p-subgroup, a decomposition of X/G as a homotopy colimit of the functor X E / ( N E . . . N E ) defined over the poset ( s d p ( G ) ) / G , where sd is the barycentric subdivision. We also...

Nondegenerate cohomology pairing for transitive Lie algebroids, characterization

Jan Kubarski, Alexandr Mishchenko (2004)

Open Mathematics

The Evens-Lu-Weinstein representation (Q A, D) for a Lie algebroid A on a manifold M is studied in the transitive case. To consider at the same time non-oriented manifolds as well, this representation is slightly modified to (Q Aor, Dor) by tensoring by orientation flat line bundle, Q Aor=QA⊗or (M) and D or=D⊗∂Aor. It is shown that the induced cohomology pairing is nondegenerate and that the representation (Q Aor, Dor) is the unique (up to isomorphy) line representation for which the top group of...

Obstructions for deformations of complexes

Frauke M. Bleher, Ted Chinburg (2013)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We develop two approaches to obstruction theory for deformations of derived isomorphism classes of complexes of modules for a profinite group G over a complete local Noetherian ring A of positive residue characteristic.

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