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Basic results on braid groups

Juan González-Meneses (2011)

Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal

These are Lecture Notes of a course given by the author at the French-Spanish School Tresses in Pau, held in Pau (France) in October 2009. It is basically an introduction to distinct approaches and techniques that can be used to show results in braid groups. Using these techniques we provide several proofs of well known results in braid groups, namely the correctness of Artin’s presentation, that the braid group is torsion free, or that its center is generated by the full twist. We also recall some...

Bitwisted Burnside-Frobenius theorem and Dehn conjugacy problem

Alexander Fel'shtyn (2009)

Banach Center Publications

It is proved for Abelian groups that the Reidemeister coincidence number of two endomorphisms ϕ and ψ is equal to the number of coincidence points of ϕ̂ and ψ̂ on the unitary dual, if the Reidemeister number is finite. An affirmative answer to the bitwisted Dehn conjugacy problem for almost polycyclic groups is obtained. Finally, we explain why the Reidemeister numbers are always infinite for injective endomorphisms of Baumslag-Solitar groups.

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