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A generalization of amenability and inner amenability of groups

Ali Ghaffari (2012)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let G be a locally compact group. We continue our work [A. Ghaffari: Γ -amenability of locally compact groups, Acta Math. Sinica, English Series, 26 (2010), 2313–2324] in the study of Γ -amenability of a locally compact group G defined with respect to a closed subgroup Γ of G × G . In this paper, among other things, we introduce and study a closed subspace A Γ p ( G ) of L ( Γ ) and then characterize the Γ -amenability of G using A Γ p ( G ) . Various necessary and sufficient conditions are found for a locally compact group to possess...

A generalized notion of n -weak amenability

Abasalt Bodaghi, Behrouz Shojaee (2014)

Mathematica Bohemica

In the current work, a new notion of n -weak amenability of Banach algebras using homomorphisms, namely ( ϕ , ψ ) - n -weak amenability is introduced. Among many other things, some relations between ( ϕ , ψ ) - n -weak amenability of a Banach algebra 𝒜 and M m ( 𝒜 ) , the Banach algebra of m × m matrices with entries from 𝒜 , are studied. Also, the relation of this new concept of amenability of a Banach algebra and its unitization is investigated. As an example, it is shown that the group algebra L 1 ( G ) is ( ϕ , ψ )- n -weakly amenable for any...

A property for locally convex *-algebras related to property (T) and character amenability

Xiao Chen, Anthony To-Ming Lau, Chi-Keung Ng (2015)

Studia Mathematica

For a locally convex *-algebra A equipped with a fixed continuous *-character ε (which is roughly speaking a generalized F*-algebra), we define a cohomological property, called property (FH), which is similar to character amenability. Let C c ( G ) be the space of continuous functions with compact support on a second countable locally compact group G equipped with the convolution *-algebra structure and a certain inductive topology. We show that ( C c ( G ) , ε G ) has property (FH) if and only if G has property (T). On...

Approximate diagonals and Følner conditions for amenable group and semigroup algebras

Ross Stokke (2004)

Studia Mathematica

We study the relationship between the classical invariance properties of amenable locally compact groups G and the approximate diagonals possessed by their associated group algebras L¹(G). From the existence of a weak form of approximate diagonal for L¹(G) we provide a direct proof that G is amenable. Conversely, we give a formula for constructing a strong form of approximate diagonal for any amenable locally compact group. In particular we have a new proof of Johnson's Theorem: A locally compact...

Character Connes amenability of dual Banach algebras

Mohammad Ramezanpour (2018)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We study the notion of character Connes amenability of dual Banach algebras and show that if A is an Arens regular Banach algebra, then A * * is character Connes amenable if and only if A is character amenable, which will resolve positively Runde’s problem for this concept of amenability. We then characterize character Connes amenability of various dual Banach algebras related to locally compact groups. We also investigate character Connes amenability of Lau product and module extension of Banach algebras....

Character contractibility of Banach algebras and homological properties of Banach modules

Rasoul Nasr-Isfahani, Sima Soltani Renani (2011)

Studia Mathematica

Let 𝓐 be a Banach algebra and let ϕ be a nonzero character on 𝓐. We give some necessary and sufficient conditions for the left ϕ-contractibility of 𝓐 as well as several hereditary properties. We also study relations between homological properties of some Banach left 𝓐-modules, the left ϕ-contractibility and the right ϕ-amenability of 𝓐. Finally, we characterize the left character contractibility of various Banach algebras related to locally compact groups.

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