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A family of singular functions and its relation to harmonic fractal analysis and fuzzy logic

Enrique de Amo, Manuel Díaz Carrillo, Juan Fernández-Sánchez (2016)

Open Mathematics

We study a parameterized family of singular functions which appears in a paper by H. Okamoto and M. Wunsch (2007). Various properties are revisited from the viewpoint of fractal geometry and probabilistic techniques. Hausdorff dimensions are calculated for several sets related to these functions, and new properties close to fractal analysis and strong negations are explored.

A hierarchy in the family of real surjective functions

Mar Fenoy-Muñoz, José Luis Gámez-Merino, Gustavo A. Muñoz-Fernández, Eva Sáez-Maestro (2017)

Open Mathematics

This expository paper focuses on the study of extreme surjective functions in ℝℝ. We present several different types of extreme surjectivity by providing examples and crucial properties. These examples help us to establish a hierarchy within the different classes of surjectivity we deal with. The classes presented here are: everywhere surjective functions, strongly everywhere surjective functions, κ-everywhere surjective functions, perfectly everywhere surjective functions and Jones functions. The...

A nonlinear Banach-Steinhaus theorem and some meager sets in Banach spaces

Jacek Jachymski (2005)

Studia Mathematica

We establish a Banach-Steinhaus type theorem for nonlinear functionals of several variables. As an application, we obtain extensions of the recent results of Balcerzak and Wachowicz on some meager subsets of L¹(μ) × L¹(μ) and c₀ × c₀. As another consequence, we get a Banach-Mazurkiewicz type theorem on some residual subset of C[0,1] involving Kharazishvili's notion of Φ-derivative.

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